Who said you can’t have fun in The Great Indoors?


I stumbled across this show and being a Joel McHale fan was instantly curious to give it a view. I will say however, that for the first five minutes I could have sworn I was watching the first episode of the hugely popular show Last Man Standing.  They have virtually mirrored the same storyline where Jack (McHale) the tough alpha male travels around the world embarking on amazing and manly adventures.  He gets to meet exotic tribes and write mesmerising tales of his adventures, only to return home and find his boss (played by the ever entertaining Stephen Fry) has grounded him and is forcing him to  lead a team of millennials in the digital department of his magazine.  All this while under the watchful eye of his young daughter who seems to have had a fling with our adventurer at a company retreat which Jack will not seem to allow her to forget. Now this hard nosed, straight talking caveman adventurer has to adapt to the times, and prepare himself for a classic battle between Gen X and this new breed of sensitive Millennials.

This show allows you to sit back, relax and switch that brain of yours off,  as you find yourself laughing uncontrollably.  The casting is perfect and this show has all the aspects you look for in a switch off comedy.  All of the above allows me to give it a 3.5/5.  I suggest you give it a go and the least I can promise you is a good laugh
Reviewed by Jason Bonello.


Creator: Mike Gibbons

Stars: Chris Williams, Joel McHale, Christopher Mintz-Plasse | See full cast & crew










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